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Hensel und Gretel sehen Rot. Ein kräftiger Rotwein von Thomas Hensel und Markus Schneider. Natürlich trocken und wieder sehr fruchtig. Nach dem Erfolg des. Wo findet man in Deutschland schon einen reinsortigen Cabernet Sauvignon außer bei den beiden experimentierfreudigen Freunden und Ausnahmewinzern . Hensel und Gretel Weißwein trocken - lieber zum Picknick zu zweit als alleine im Wald. Feine Komposition von Grauburgunder und Weissburgunder aus dem.

The film was panned by mainstream critics; the critical consensus on Rotten Tomatoes says that it "fails as both a fantasy adventure and as a parody of same".

The film topped the United States box office on its opening weekend and was a major hit in Brazil, Russia, Germany, and Mexico.

Following the commercial success of the film, which was planned as the first part of a series, its sequel is currently in development. Abandoned by their father deep in a forest, young Hansel and Gretel enter a gingerbread house and are captured by a cannibalistic witch.

The witch forces Hansel to continuously eat candy to fatten him up, and enslaves Gretel by ordering her to prepare the oven. The siblings outsmart her and incinerate her in the fire of the oven.

In the fifteen years that follow, Hansel and Gretel become famed witch hunters , slaying hundreds of witches. The pair find that they are somehow immune to spells and curses, but the incident in the gingerbread house has left Hansel forever changed with a form of supernatural diabetes.

He needs a shot of a insulin potion every few hours or he will get sick and die. Now adult, witch hunters Hansel and Gretel arrive in the town of Augsburg and immediately prevent Sheriff Berringer from executing a beautiful young woman named Mina for witchcraft.

Mayor Englemann tells the crowd that he has hired the siblings to rescue several children presumed abducted by witches. Berringer hires trackers for the same mission in the hopes of disgracing the mayor and cementing his power.

They discover that the witches are preparing for the coming Blood Moon , where they plan to sacrifice twelve children to gain immunity to fire, their greatest weakness.

Muriel, accompanied by her witches and a troll named Edward, attacks the town and abducts the final child. Muriel kills Jackson and launches Gretel out a window , rendering her unconscious.

Gretel is rescued by Ben, a local teenager who is a fan of theirs and plans to be a witch hunter himself.

Hansel grabs onto a fleeing witch by her broomstick, but falls and is lost in the forest. The next morning, Mina finds Hansel hanging from a tree.

She takes him to a nearby spring where she heals his wounds and has sex with him. Gretel searches for Hansel in the forest, but is attacked by Berringer and his posse.

The men capture and beat Gretel before being stopped by Edward who kills Berringer and his men. Muriel appears in front of them, telling them the truth of their past.

On the night of the last Blood Moon, Muriel planned to use the heart of the white witch to complete her potion.

To get rid of Adrianna, Muriel revealed to the townspeople that Adrianna was a witch. Following this revelation, the siblings battle Muriel before she stabs Hansel and abducts Gretel for the ceremony.

Hansel wakes up with Mina, who reveals herself to be a white witch. Muriel flees on a broomstick, but Ben manages to shoot her and forces her to crash.

Hansel goes after Muriel while Gretel stops to revive Edward. Muriel wounds Ben and kills Mina before Hansel shoots her several times, knocking her into the house.

Gretel arrives and the pair engage Muriel in a brutal fight that ends with Gretel decapitating her with a shovel. They head out on their next witch hunt accompanied by Ben and Edward.

Aside from additional profanity, gore, and sexual content, and a few extra lines, the extended version features a few extra scenes.

The scene where Berringer and his goons assault Gretel is also extended; it occurs in between the scene where Mina heals Hansel and has sex with him, and shows that the men plan to rape Gretel right before Edward kills them.

Wirkola got the idea to create a film based on the adult lives of Hansel and Gretel in while at film school in Australia.

After being discovered by Gary Sanchez Productions , Wirkola pitched the idea at a meeting with Paramount Pictures and won a contract. Production began in March at the Babelsberg Studios in Germany and included extensive use of traditional special effects.

In addition, Renner and Arterton had a month of training beforehand to prepare for the physical demands of their roles.

In terms of the weapons and wardrobe, Wirkola wanted an old-world look with a modern touch, and he was adamant about filming outdoors in European nature rather than in a studio.

The project was filmed in Germany and featured an international cast and crew. Witch Hunters is the first English language film and the first big studio production of Norwegian writer and director Wirkola, up to this point best known for his Nazi zombie-themed , independent horror comedy film Dead Snow.

And they took me to Paramount two days after and we sold it. But people really seem to respond to it, which is what we hoped, that people would enjoy this ride.

I have a strong memory from my childhood of just how dark and gruesome their tale was and I wondered what would have happened to the two of them when they grew up?

They had this dark past and this intense hatred of witches. So as I thought about it, it made sense to me that of course they would be fated to become great witch hunters.

We wanted it to feel like this could be happening years ago but at the same time, there is a modern spin on all the action, characters and weaponry.

It was a fun way to make a classical world feel fresh. Wirkola said that he originally came with that idea in while studying film and television at Bond University in Australia, when he wanted to make it as just a short film , [5] and that the film school director Simon Hunter advised him: Modern technology but in an old style.

You could make three of those! Messick said they designed "a fairy tale , mythological fantasy world" that feels like it happened long time ago but is not set in any particular time period.

It was a lot of fun coming up with the different weapon designs and ways of killing witches. We mixed old and new elements.

But no matter how modern some of the weapons are, they all have an old-fashioned feel and look like they could fit into this world. We wanted to try to avoid the classical witch with the long nose stirring the pot.

I really wanted them to be For the main witches, we found one animal to represent all of them, like Muriel is a wolf. It just helped us find the witches.

It should feel animalistic. Yeah, I never worried about that, to be honest. That dynamic was definitely a big thing, I loved that what Tommy [Wirkola] wrote left so much room for character.

I was having so much fun hanging on a wire like Peter Pan , hanging onto a broom and doing other crazy stuff. The role of adult Gretel, whom Wirkola wanted to be "a really, really strong and fun female character," [5] was originally planned for Noomi Rapace , who dropped out of consideration for the part prior to early January She impressed Wirkola with her performance in The Disappearance of Alice Creed , [30] and, after they have met, with her "really filthy sense of humour" as "the humour is essential to this film.

Hansel is a typical action hero , cheeky, funny, a womanizer. Often in action movies , people are scared to put that in. I think it was important. The role of the chief witch Muriel, [39] described by Arterton as " the queen bee of witches", [40] was given to Dutch actress Famke Janssen.

A character like a witch feels like you would have so much freedom, because there are no restrictions as to what you can do. In the end, she still had "a lot of fun" playing someone who is completely evil, [47] and felt that it was "so empowering" [48] to have "an inner witch to get in touch with once in a while.

Nobody falls in love with the witch. Viitala, a self-described "big fan" of Renner, said she was nervous at first, but found him "extremely" easy to approach, made a good connection, and enjoyed working with him.

Minor parts, but I knew I could get great actors in small parts and Ingrid has a great physicality. Wirkola said, "From day one, I was very clear that I wanted to shoot this thing in Europe.

I really wanted that European feel of cold mountains, big forests, that sort of spirit was important to me.

Luckily we did get to shoot it in Germany which is the homeland of the fairy tale. Shooting in natural outdoor sets is very important to me, compared to working on a sound stage.

Principal photography began in March , using digital cinematography. Hopefully what we strived for was to go a little retro in how you shoot action scenes.

It was something the studio suggested later on. We embraced it and I think it actually really helps in getting people into this fairy tale world.

Stunt coordinator and second unit director David Leitch compared it to a " Jackie Chan hybrid of comedy and action.

We have a troll in the film that is animatronic. It took some convincing to get the studio along with the animatronic creature.

There have been bad experiences with animatronics throughout various productions but I saw this company Spectral Motion. They did the Hellboy movies and I just loved it.

But this is a fantastical world of witches and trolls and I wanted to ground the movie where I could. The blood should look real. It was different and frustrating at times because I had this circus of people around me in case something became unglued.

Conceptual design and production studio Picture Mill collaborated with Wirkola and Messick to create the title and opening credits sequence telling some of the early adventures of Hansel and Gretel as they grew up to become famous witch hunters.

It was created with Stereo3D Toolbox through a combination of hand-drawn illustrations, practical fire effects and CGI animation. Some stuff stayed in, some stuff got cut out.

I actually made sure they could never cut it to PG We always knew it was going to be R. Hans Zimmer worked on Witch Hunters as an executive music producer.

Initially slated for a March 2, release, [16] the film was pushed by Paramount Pictures to a ten-month delay for January 11, And there was always the consideration that Jeremy [Renner] had Avengers and Bourne coming out.

So the studio made a wise strategic move in finding a good release date for us. He was cast before Mission: Impossible , Bourne and The Avengers.

They wanted to wait until after those. I was, of course, disappointed then, but actually it helped because we came in under budget" and so the delay enabled him to re-add and shoot an additional scene that is set in the desert and which was cut from his original screenplay.

The film was again delayed by two weeks to January 25, in the United States and Canada. On the same day January 25 it was also released in more countries of Latin America, with the other parts of the world following between January 31 and mid-March Witch Hunters was released by Paramount Home Media Distribution on June 11 in its original theatrical cut and a longer, unrated cut "with never-before-seen footage that was too intense for theaters".

It is available in the versions: Overall, Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters , which makes it one of the most financially successful films of the fantasy-reboot genre, despite having the smallest estimated budget and lowest Metascore of the recent entries.

Witch Hunters fails as both a fantasy adventure and as a parody of same. Less attention was paid to the story, and the dialogue is a tad over-reliant on the random f-word to land a laugh.

Some reception of the film, however, was much more positive. Preposterous, clearly, but fun. Welcome to the most fun movie of Witch Hunters a good movie?

At least not in any way that is defensible by regular critical standards. Is it a hell of a good time? At the conclusion of , Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters made multiple annual movie lists dedicated to underappreciated or underrated films.

The two children escape with their lives by outwitting her. The story is set in medieval Germany. Hansel and Gretel are the children of a poor woodcutter.

After the parents have gone to bed, Hansel sneaks out of the house and gathers as many white pebbles as he can, then returns to his room, reassuring Gretel that God will not forsake them.

The next day, the family walk deep into the woods and Hansel lays a trail of white pebbles. After their parents abandon them, Hansel and Gretel follow the trail back home.

When their stepmother sees them, she is furious and locks them in the house. Hansel and Gretel are unable to escape or even simply collect pebbles.

The following morning, the family treks into the woods. Hansel takes a slice of bread and leaves a trail of bread crumbs for them to follow home.

However, after they are once again abandoned, they find that birds have eaten the crumbs, leaving them lost in the woods.

After days of wandering, they follow a beautiful white bird to a clearing in the woods, and discover a large cottage built of gingerbread, cakes, and candy, with window panes of clear sugar.

Hungry and tired, the children begin to eat the roof, when the door opens and a hideous old hag emerges and lures the children inside, with the promise of soft beds, delicious food, and a hot bath.

They do this unaware that their hostess is a bloodthirsty witch who built the gingerbread house to waylay children to cook and eat them.

The next morning, the witch throws Hansel into a cage and enslaves Gretel. The witch force-feeds Hansel regularly to fatten him up. After weeks of the same result, the witch grows impatient and decides to eat Hansel anyway.

The next day, the witch prepares the oven for Hansel, but decides she is hungry enough to eat Gretel too. She coaxes Gretel to the open oven and prods her to lean over in front of it to see if the fire is hot enough.

Infuriated, the witch demonstrates, and Gretel pushes her into the oven, leaving "the ungodly creature to be burned to ashes".

Gretel frees Hansel from the cage and the pair discover a vase full of treasure and precious stones.

Putting the jewels into their clothing, the children set off for home. A duck ferries them across an expanse of water and at home they find only their father, who revealed that their stepmother died from an unknown cause.

Their father had spent all his days lamenting the loss of his children and is delighted to see them safe and sound.

In later editions, some slight revisions were made: Another revision was that some versions claimed the mother died from unknown causes, left the family, or remained with the husband at the end of the story.

The fairy tale may have originated in the medieval period of the Great Famine — , [5] which caused desperate people to abandon young children to fend for themselves or even resort to cannibalism.

Folklorists Iona and Peter Opie indicate in The Classic Fairy Tales that "Hansel and Gretel" belongs to a group of European tales especially popular in the Baltic regions, about children outwitting ogres into whose hands they have involuntarily fallen.

In both tales, abandoned children find their way home by following a trail. Linguist and folklorist Edward Vajda has proposed that these stories represent the remnant of a coming-of-age rite-of-passage tale extant in Proto-Indo-European society.

The fact that the mother or stepmother dies after the children kill the witch has suggested to many commentators that the mother or stepmother and the witch are metaphorically the same woman.

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There are some horrible male villains as well. But I guess Gretel is very feminist. Most of it is all practical , even the witches flying on the brooms — it was pretty much all practical.

They were all on wires , it was awesome! Dead Snow is my love letter to [Sam] Raimi and this is kind of its own thing. In the beginning, they said go crazy.

But if you go too far with the humor, it becomes spoofy and loses its impact. Too gory and it just takes you out of it. Witch Hunters may [be] the only [one]; and, if so, no big whoop.

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September Learn how and when to remove this template message. British Board of Film Classification. Archived from the original on Lexikon des Internationalen Films.

Retrieved 17 June Theatrical Version - Unrated Extended Cut ". Retrieved October 22, Witch Hunters Official Site January 25, ".

Archived from the original on September 10, Shock Till You Drop. Witch Hunters breaks the norm for its stars, writes Jenny Cooney Carrillo.

Archived from the original on January 29, Archived from the original on January 9, Bond Girls Abound , Yahoo! Archived from the original on January 25, The Grimm fairy tale gets a gory and funny reworking with plenty of supporting VFX.

Archived from the original on December 1, Retrieved May 9, Archived from the original on January 31, Witch Hunters — Review". Witch Hunters Set Up Shop!

Give Away Candy and Blu-rays! Witch Hunters as Hollywood re-imagines Brothers Grimm". What are the reviews saying?

Archived from the original on September 27, Retrieved June 10, Retrieved February 17, Archived from the original on September 6, Retrieved August 3, Movies, March 26, Witch Hunters 3D Blu-ray: Limited Edition , Blu-ray.

Will Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters Win the Weekend? Witch Hunters" opens as No. Witch Hunters — Movie Review".

No happily ever after, or during". Archived from the original on January 27, Witch Hunters Film Review". Witch Hunters a medieval mess of a fairy tale".

Witch Hunters — brisk and disposable in 3-D, no less ". The Globe and Mail. Witch Hunters" Movie Review ".

Archived from the original on January 28, The New York Times. Retrieved 8 December Witch Hunters Review Screen". Witch Hunters ". Witch Hunters Movie Review".

Archived from the original on April 10, I, Frankenstein a deliriously loopy invention". Retrieved April 1, Alan June 6, Retrieved June 18, Archived from the original on October 2, Retrieved September 30, Retrieved December 8, Witch Hunters 2 Names Director".

Retrieved August 7, Retrieved October 15, Jackass 3D Justin Bieber: Witch Hunters Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa Project Almanac Confessions of a Trickbaby Terror Toons 2: The Sick and Silly Show Films directed by Tommy Wirkola.

She intends to use the children together with a secret ingredient in a Sabbath to make the coven of witches protected against the fire. Meanwhile Hansel and Gretel disclose secrets about their parents.

I liked Gothic interpretations of fairy tales like "Snow White and the Huntsman". And I also liked the "supernaturalization" of historical figures like "Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter" a lot.

This film seems to be a cross of those two types, and so is one film I made sure I would watch this once it opened. Hansel and Gretel starts as we all know them from the fairy tale, children left by their parents in the woods.

They were lured by a house made of candy, and was captured by the wicked witch who lived inside. We all know how the tale ends, when Hansel and Gretel push the witch into the oven.

But that was just the beginning of the movie, for that was when this brother-sister team launch their career as mercenary witch hunters.

When a mysterious series of missing children terrorizes a small town, its mayor hires Hansel and Gretel to look for the witches responsible and kill them.

That was one shallow story line I know, but I really enjoyed myself while watching this movie. Yes, the gore factor was really high, but everything appeared to be done with tongue strictly in cheek.

The actors Renner and Arteron are unquestionable bad-ass! They fit the titular roles very well. You will meet a new, more interesting "Edward" here.

The CG and production design were quite good and imaginative. It was fun to spot traditional witch lore in the scenes, even as they took liberties to invent their own lore.

As I mentioned, the film does not shy from bloody violence, as the envelope is pushed to graphically show various mechanisms of death, from crushing to exploding - close-up!

There was a brief scene of a nude village beauty Mina Pihla Viitala as she seduces Hansel. There were even unexpected modern-day swear words during the witch battles.

With all of these scenes, I do not really know how it got a PG rating in this country! Anyway, despite and maybe because of all these surprises, I found the whole film a lot of grown-up fun, a very entertaining one and half hours.

After the movie, I found out that the director was Tommy Wirkola, the same guy who directed the Norwegian Nazi zombies in the snow movie "Dead Snow.

I am a fan! I will be awaiting his next project. However, for all the fun I had watching this film though, I think they should be happy with what they have now.

Plus, we hear why more than one celeb wants to be snowed in with Idris Elba. See our favorite Sundance moments.

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