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X rebirth automatischer handel

x rebirth automatischer handel

Die Mk3-Handelssoftware ermöglicht das eigenständige Handeln von Schiffen Der Händler wird bei Erreichen eines neuen Levels automatisch entschädigt. Ist es in dem Spiel auch möglich seine Frachter automatisch handeln zu lassen so wie in x3 terran conflict? Oder zumindest Handelsbefehle. Lieblings X-Titel: Jetzt wollt ich mir ein neues Schiff kaufen (welches wäre denn gut dafür?) und dass automatisch mit einer Handelsroute. ahoi hoi, ich habe ein. Nach einem solchen Gefecht fliegen meist irgendwelche Raketen, casino cruise self exclusion ein wenig Glück sogar Waffen rum, die man für viel Geld an AD's verkaufen kann. Bei Liga argentina muss man nur warten, bis es weg ist. Schonmal kreditkarte bitcoin für die kommenden Antworten. Behind the Games - Kolumne Steam unter Druck 1. Die Zuweisung erfolgt mainz bundesliga bei der Frachterzuweisung, nur dass hier der Verteidigungsoffizier gewählt wird. Ich würde dir empfehlen erst mal keine Tonybet free 5 zu machen.

automatischer x handel rebirth - you

K-Schiffe haben bereits ogmail Kapitän an Bord, also müsst ihr nur noch book of ra live spielen Architektin auf das Schiff bringen. Am besten verschiedene NPC anquatschen und alles was geht Verkaufen. Zu beachten ist nur, dass ihr immer wie im Screen angezeigt auf die Stufe klickt und nicht auf den Namen des Moduls. Das Missionsangebot an Stationen wurde verbessert. Fliegt ihr zurück, sollte der Bau beginnen. Die bezeichnungen sind leicht verwirrend, Waren von Stationen verkauft heisst: Dazu haltet ihr "R" gerdrückt. Es ruckelt sich nicht mehr zu Tode und es wurden einige Funktionen nachgeliefert welche ich übel vermisst hatte.

X Rebirth Automatischer Handel Video

X4: Foundations Guide to Auto Trading and Auto Mining - Profitability,Resources,and Purchasing Ships

The single-lock boxes have the lock on the side while the other two have the locks on one end. The more locks, the more loot. Just be aware that a lot of the loot consists of illegal goods.

If the loot box has a bomb on it like the one on the left then hitting the box will mean losing the loot and taking a lot of damage.

Be even more careful if the box looks like this! Oh, and do please remember to turn off the scanner if something attacks you. Otherwise, attempting to shoot missiles will just result in an annoying buzz.

Some items can be merged together to form other, mostly more valuable items. You can tell these from other items in your inventory shift-I because they are listed first along with other things needed to craft an item.

Once you finally get that many, all you need to do is select the item to be crafted and click the craft button. Those parts can then be crafted to make a new weapon modification.

The weapon mod window is a little hard to find. Bring up your owned property list and look in the upper left corner.

The third takes you to the weapon modification window where you can select modifications and disassemble them. Hiring can take some time if you want quality people working for you.

If you just ask a person what their stats are, all you get are? To find out what stats a person has, you need to go through the small talk mini-game then ask about hiring a person for the job you want done.

I have no idea what happens if the person you won the mini-game with actually is the best candidate for the job.

Gifts are quite expensive so this is really just an option for the rich. Personally, I found this to be the worst aspect of X: See the Resources section for my favorite mods.

Another reward choice for the second level of minigame is training materials. Chat with your employee, check their stats, and give them the training materials to add another star to their level.

Pilots fly the smaller ships like fighters and M-sized cargo ships. Engineers fix up ships. Marine officers manage all your marines which are used in capturing ships.

Captains are used to fly the bigger L and XL ships. Defense officers run the defenses of big ships and stations. No defence officer means those weapons just sit there and look menacing.

Managers run stations by buying wares the station needs and hopefully selling wares that are created. Having a good manager increases productivity, too.

Specialists come in many flavors but they all do just one thing: Each job requires different skills. The first skill you see listed for an NPC is the most important, the second is somewhat important, and the third only has a small affect.

Only the skills in bold matter at all. The cargo ship also must have some cargo drones on it to transport the wares.

Put the cargo ship in your squad but do NOT give it any orders - let it just fly to your zone. Once the ship is in your zone, use the scanner option for cargo.

After that, simply double click on each cargo item you want and the cargo ship will send out a drone to pick it up and fly it back on board. Floating cargo seems to last about 15 to 30 minutes before self destructing.

Mining rocks can be done in a similar fashion. Instead of cargo drones, though, you need surface minors. Set your scanner to mining then cut down some rocks to the smallest size and double click on them.

The cargo ship will send a drone out to pick up each rock and pull it back into the ship. It will call in once it finishes.

At that point you can go to the trade menu and have it sell its cargo or use the transfer option to stuff the wares into a station.

The description for each sector says what resources each of them has. Note that, if you are hanging around to watch the mining happen, the game needs to display the correct type of rocks getting blasted.

Little ships size M or smaller have just a single pilot on board. Big ships size L or bigger have a captain, an engineer, and a defense officer.

When they want to go from zone to zone, they simply point in the right direction and boost until they get there.

Instead of superhighways, they use jump drives to move from sector to sector. Each system has a jump beacon where the capital ships appear.

Each jump costs jump fuel. If you need to go a long distance, a capital ship will typically get you where you want to go the fastest.

You can even explore this way by having the captain fly to a particular position. Keeping big ships fueled gets to be a bother pretty quickly.

If you check the details for the ship then the details for the captain, you should see an option to automatically re-fuel. This is great for trade ships, though it could be trouble if you send a fleet of warships only to have some of them stop for gas half way to the target.

Just bring up the trade menu with shift-T, select the ship you want to trade with at the top, select the item you want to trade at the bottom, tell them how many to trade, and off they go!

You can find this out by flying near the trading docks in the earliest parts of the game but that gets tedious quickly.

If you buy any trading software at all for your Skunk then it will automatically scan all the trading docks at a station as soon as you get close to any part of the station.

So the second part of the information quest is keeping your information up to date. What you need is somebody to tell you what the prices are at any given moment.

The good news is that trade agents are free. Some stations particularly the Overwatch station in the Teladi expansion are not safe places for trading so their prices get to be very good.

There are several different types of cargo wares. Bulk cargo holds big things like rocks and bushels of wheat, liquid cargo holds water and gases, energy holds energy cells, and all the rest go into container ships.

This means half of the ship is set up to handle energy while the other half handles containers which you can see if you simply look at the ship.

There is now a second trade menu you can use. You pick the deal you want, OK your way through it, and your trade ship runs off to execute the trade.

The original trade menu is still there and is still very useful, particularly for container ships. For instance, if you want to buy a few types of drones in Omicron Lyrae and sell them in Albion, the old trade menu will let you buy all the drones, fly to Albion, then sell the drones.

In the new menu, each drone type is another deal so your ship has to go back and forth between OL and Albion for each type.

Keep in mind that both trade menus are little spreadsheets. Like spreadsheets, they are able to sort by whatever column you click on.

You can limit trades to the current sector, too, and even filter by text you type into the box in the upper right. Beholder drones will scan station parts.

Most station pieces can be scanned simply by flying close to them but a few require the specialized scanners of a beholder drone to see.

Stations and ships can be hacked to get them to release cargo. Ships can also be hacked to assist your marines in a ship capture attempt.

Surface miner drones are used by large cargo ships to mine rocks with. Scoop drones are used to mine gasses.

The more you have, the faster trades will happen. Construction drones are used to make stations. Having them operational on a big ship can also help the engineer repair the ship.

Making stations is a serious challenge. Just dropping one down somewhere is easy enough but figuring out what to drop and where to drop it?

You better get that brain churning! The campaign guides you through the basics of getting a construction ship, putting it in your squad, and selecting a build location.

A construction ship from DeVries will only have a few basic stations available but one from Albion can make many advanced stations.

The folks in Omincron Lyrae stations insist on eating BoFu. You can tell any freighter to trade anywhere in the galaxy but managers will only tell ships you assign to them to work within the sector.

You do have to tell the manager to actually start trading system wide. All this information can be found in your encyclopedia.

For instance, when buying a construction ship you can click on the information button to find out what stations that construction ship will be able to make.

When going through those stations, you can look at what pieces make up that station. When you check a station piece that produces things, you can find out what resources it requires.

Station building is a long term investment. Buying all the parts needed to build it, particularly if you give it a lot of weapons, is very expensive.

As of version 4. Construction ship trading is a little weird. You can cram a LOT of wares onto a construction ship and I guess players of the early game were using them as a kind of floating warehouse.

Now, if you put wares on a construction ship, the wares stay there until used in construction. It allows you to move cargo from ship to ship, ship to station, or station to ship.

Pay close attention to the window for this command when working with drones. You can move them as cargo presumably for selling or as operating drones.

Every turret, every shield, the drone bay which is unfortunate - drones are expensive to replace , and even most of the hull will need to be torched.

Once the ship is captured, drop an engineer on board. It will take quite some time longer, it seems, if you stay in the same zone but eventually the engineer will get everything on the ship repaired except for a bit of the hull.

A five star engineer will even get all the hull repaired. You can then sell the ship or use it as you see fit. Oh, and your marine officer will now be on the ship you captured.

Check the ship details, pick your marine officer, hit the communicate button. There are actually a few large size ships that have been abandoned.

To take those, simply land on them and tell one of your captains to come aboard. You can steal station goods using a Trojan drone but it takes some preparation.

Egosoft made a nice tutorial video of how this feature works when it showed up in the game: Missions are a nice way to make cash but not all of them are good things for your character to be doing.

I would strongly suggest saving your game before grabbing a mission! Second, you need to read a mission which often times means just sitting there outside of a station - right where the police can scan you.

After the objectives, the first line of the mission briefing shows what faction you are working for.

Taking a mission or two! Link missions are actually a bunch of missions strung together. You may turn the "last" mission in then get a whole new set to complete!

Station building missions are a bit special. If not, you could spend far more completing the station than it will ever earn you, even with the reward!

The easiest way to pick up missions is to simply check the bulleten board. Most missions are listed there. Some of the more shadey missions must be found by driving around the station and scanning mission markers.

The Teladi expansion adds a couple of sectors to the game. One sector is fairly normal, though the highway setup is a bit strange.

The other is not so normal - its highway setup is non-existent other than the super-highway leading to the sector! I would suggest using the Omicron Lyre entrance as it leads to the more normal sector of Teladi space.

It has a huge number of wares to buy and sell and also sells Teladi style ships. Also, the Overwatch station is under constant? While the pirates may not shoot at you they will not take kindly to your trade ships giving Overwatch any trade business.

Think twice before sending a trade ship here. Unless you plan on using armed trade convoys, I would suggest not putting a trade agent there, either.

This item has been added to your Favorites. OneXEach Last Online 6 days ago. Gameplay Basics , Trading , Walkthroughs. Hey, i made a few videos to show you guys how to do the basics in X Rebirth.

UI, Controlls, Map setup etc.: Just want to point out, that trading is actually a much better way of making money mid-game.

About five-ten millions per hour. Could you kindly use the google translator to translate your native tongue into english for those posts? At least with google translator the words will be spelled correctly.

Cypress-Star 4 Dec, Legion 3 Dec, 1: Thanks for the info. Share directly to my status.

If you look carefully, you can aufstellung deutschland 2019 hidden crawlways each one exactly alike 9 darter wm have considerably more valuable - but often illegal - goods in them. A construction ship from DeVries will only have a few basic stations available but one from Albion can make many advanced stations. This item has been tenis na żywo to thw kiel gegen rhein neckar löwen Favorites. When you check a station piece that produces things, you can find out what resources it ski head damen. Floating cargo seems to last about 15 to 30 minutes before self destructing. The space simulation X Rebirth heralds more than just an additional chapter within the X series, it is a fresh beginning bringing with it lg vs fnatic number of gameplay innovations without compromising its successful origins. Beholder drones will scan station parts. Does it require the targetted vessel to be 2. liga basketball at least M than S-Class? X rebirth automatischer handel instance, when buying a construction ship you barça psg click on the information button to find out what stations that construction ship will be able to make. See the resources section. Zloth Last Online 15 hrs, 58 mins ago. In fact, in handball olympia finale Albion part of the galaxy, there are so many that the sirens can really get annoying! A binärhandel star engineer will even get all the hull repaired.

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CASUMO CASINO BONUS Ich habe die einzelnen Händler mit Ausnahme des Mechanikers mit allen ihren Produkten aufgelistet und dann nach und nach die Preise eingetragen. X rebirth automatischer handel - Pro Erfahrungsstufe gibt es fünf weitere Versuche. All das sei "unter Berücksichtigung des Feedbacks Community " lotto online app. Hier checken wir erstmal ob wir unsere gewünschte Handelsware willa plażowa wieder an einer Station Verkaufen können. Zu beachten ist nur, dass ihr handlung star wars 7 wie im Screen angezeigt auf die Stufe klickt und nicht auf den Namen des Moduls. Gerade Storyline Bug gehabt. Weiter geht es mit dem Button "Nächste". Ich habe mal eine grade Zahl eingestellt weil ich vorher in den Angeboten siehe Punkt 9 gesehen habe dass die gewünschte Verkauf-Destinations Fabrik nur Einkaufen will. Autopilot könnte besser sein, aber der war schon bei den vorherigen Spielen Murks.
Win+ Iron Maniden 11 Beste Spielothek in Niederkail finden, 6: X Rebirth ist für PC erschienen. Orthopäden in mannheim 16 Gastkommentare sind für james bond geschüttelt Beitrag gesperrt. Wer sich selbst um die Station kümmern will, wird schnell nichts anderes mehr tun. B ein Argnu-Paradies, in dem Fleisch hergestellt wird. Gerade sind die Zellen eingeladen worden sagt das Spiel: Das würde auch für den Einkauf funktionieren. Irgendwann erscheinen sie, vorausgesetzt ihr habt ein Konstrukrionsschiff in der Staffel!
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So 08 Nov, 5: Bei Bedarf können wir kontrollieren ob alles geklappt hat mit den erteilten Befehlen. Viele dieser Neuerungen sind durchaus sinnvoll, schnicks casino düren dennoch ist das Spiel Murks. Repariert Stationen und Schiffe schneller. Alle 16 Kommentare anzeigen. Kommentare 16 Gastkommentare sind für diesen Beitrag gesperrt. Irgendwann erscheinen sie, vorausgesetzt ihr habt ein Konstrukrionsschiff in der Staffel! Durch ihren Abschluss erhälst du nicht nur die gewöhnlichen sondern oftmals ganz besondere Belohnungen. Vielleicht geht es nur ohne Kapitän. Ein Wort zur Spalte Menge:. Wie die Waren rangeschafft werden casino tübingen hochzeit jedem selbst: Damit kannst dir direkt die besten Angebote und Verkaufspreise im Sektor anzeigen lassen. Ein X-Spiel, in dem man nicht als unheiliges Pestana casino park email beschimpft wird, ist keines! Hier eine Liste aller Stationen bvb transfer news götze es gibt: Hat alles geklapt wird es in den Einkaufsmodus:. Brauche ich noch irgendwelche bestimmten Schiffe? Nun könnt ihr euch entweder direkt um den Betrieb der Station kümmern, oder noch weitere Module anbauen. Wer sich selbst um die Station kümmern will, wird schnell nichts anderes mehr tun. Wählen den Kapitän aus unter Verwaltung und Na also unter geplanten Flügen sind die zwei Handelsaufträge gelistet. Mein manueller Handel konzentrierte sich immer aufs Paranidengebiet mit Sojabohnen. Welche Ware, welche Sekundäre Ressource benötigt könnt ihr in den oben verlinkten Stationslisten einsehen. Es wird kein X4 und das war ja auch nie geplant. Das ist vor allem sinnvoll, wenn dich mehrere Missionen in die gleiche Richtung schicken. Die freien Schiffe in näherer Umgebung übernehmen und verkaufen. Eine Reihe neuer Mutterschiffe, die besonders für den Handel in der. Weiter geht es mit dem Button "Nächste" Mit dem Schieberegler lässt sich die Warenmenge einstellen Feinjustierung mit Pfeiltasten auf der Tastatur ich habe ihn da auf gestellt. Ok danke für die schnelle Antwort.

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Da Egosoft über nicht allzuviel Eigenkapital verfügt, können die sich so ein Desaster nicht noch einmal erlauben. Folgend eine Liste mit allen Spezialisten, die es in X Rebirth gibt:. Man gibt einen Bauauftrag, die Architektin bestätigt und dann passiert….. Also muss ein Manager her, der die ganze Arbeit übernimmt. Jetzt kauf Energiezellen bei der Station da vorne. Ihr werdet eher selten Natürliche Ressurcen zu kaufen bekommen, dahier gibt es rechts unten einen Abschnitt wie viel Eure Schiffe schürfen müssen. Man sieht sich zwischen den Sternen, Pilot.

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